AV/IT/CCTV and Architecture

Projects often start out of a direct need. Pair this with a local budget holder and you often get a nice and functional bespoke
solution from your local integrator.
Unfortunately, local rooms fit into a wider picture -the enterprise- and current needs are often due to the lack of a strategic roadmap.
To make matters worse local integrators will never have the ability to view the full enterprise architecture whether this is IT,
Collaboration, AV, Video Surveillance, Storage, etc.
Your support organisation will not appreciate this approach as it will introduce dozens of different brands where often could be settled for
a seriously reduced portfolio. Reduction of brands and products means easier support, less training, less testing, ability to deploy
standards and therefore reduce project implementation times not to mention the ability to start negotiating discounts on a global scale.

At IDM Consulting & Solutions we help the enterprise to create:

  • •Reference Architectures – Typically future orientated target architecture that will describe customer end goals, required functions
    and steps how to get there.
  • •Solution Architectures – Complementary to Reference Architectures the solution starts to name brands, product categories and implementation
  • •Solution Designs – Site specific designs that will consider all existing infrastructure, recommend on changes to this infrastructure to
    facilitate the new solutions and exact HW models/SW versions
  • •Standard Hardware Lists – Guidance on globally available and enterprise suitable hardware/software for your projects. We offer this either
    based on best practices or based on our testlab facility
  • •Support Standards – When an integrator needs to handover their implementation to a global support organisation it will be mandatory to have
    strict guidelines on how the project was implemented
  • •Commissioning Standards – For Quality Assurance standards on commissioning have to be set. Share them upfront and follow them after implementations
    to reach the confidence you deserve.

We have the ability to proof any architecture in our test lab facility and we pride ourselves in our independent position in the market.
Our architectural services will help the customer, the integrator, the local consultants as well as the manufacturer to understand what needs
to happen. Today and in the future.